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2012-6 月-8 7:10 上午

Diablo 3 (暗黑破壞神 3) 第三章

Diablo 3以下是 Diablo 3 (暗黑破壞神 3) 第三章 Act 3 中所有小節得完成的任務:

1. 戍衛要塞圍困 The Siege Of Bastion's Keep

 Light the 5 signal Beacons in Skycrown Battlements.
 Find Sergeant Dalen in the Skycrown Battlements.

2. 扭轉戰況 Turning The Tide

 Raise the 3 catapults in Stonefort.
 Return to the Bastion's Keep Stronghold

3. 要塞缺口 The Breached Keep

 Find the Keep Depths Level 2.
 Find the Breach in the Keep Depths.
 Find the Bastion's Keep Larder.
 Kill Ghom in the Larder.
 Return to the Bastion's Keep Stronghold.

4. 靈魂石的震顫 Tremors In The Stone

 Go to the Armory.
 Kill the Shadow Vermin.
 Talk to Leah.

5. 攻城器械 Machines Of War

 Go through the Arreat Gate.
 Talk to Sergeant Pale outside the Arreat Gate.
 Cross the Bridge of Korsikk.
 Destroy the 3 Demonic Ballistae.
 Destroy the Trebuchet.
 Find Rakkis Crossing.
 Talk to Tyrael.

6. 攻城破壞獸Siegebreaker

 Find the demon gate at the Edge of the Abyss.
 Kill the Siegebreaker Assult Beast.
 Talk to Adria near the demon gate.

7. 罪惡之核 Heart Of Sin

 Go through Arreat Crater and find the Tower of the Damned.
 Find the Sin Heart in the Heart of the Damned.
 Kill the Daughters of Pain.
 Destroy the Sin Heart.
 Find the Tower of the Cursed.
 Find the Sin Heart in the Tower of the Cursed.
 Kill Cydaea.
 Destroy the Sin Heart.
 Kill Azmodan in the Heart of Sin.
 Get the Soul of Azmodan.
 Return to the Bastion's Keep Stronghold.
 Talk to Lieutenant Lavail.


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