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2005-6 月-21 11:20 上午

Annual Report

  My annual report almost occupied the whole day of meeting for the first day. I’m the first one to present the regional updates and status.

  This may simply because my other colleagues are not ready yet. It may also partly because the major focus of this whole-week meeting is my responsible region.

  As usual, my presentation is elegant. 10 pages totally. They can only do 5 pages at most.

  I actually didn’t bomb them with too much info in each single slide. The reason why my presentation lasted that long is because we’ll stop at any point for free discussion and question. My boss likes to comment when I reach a topic he interested in. In some senses, he encourages us to disrupt the meeting at any point for question, discussion.

  This is good for the brain-storming. The only thing we need is plenty of time and focus.

  Although I do not have too much experience of presentation, I think my briefing is still the best in the team.

  I guess they will work late tonight to prepare some even better presentations than mine, which is good.


  I’ll feel easier tomorrow then.



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