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2005-6 月-21 10:23 上午

Same Day: Dinner

  After one good sleep for almost the whole day, I was in high spirit. My original plan was to sleep until noon time the first day, and then get up for my lunch. This simply didn’t work out, for I slept until 7 PM.

  So I missed the breakfast and lunch, which made me feel pretty hungry when I woke up by the phone. They asked me to go out. I didn’t think that was a good idea.

  It turned out that I ordered a splendid dinner from hotel room service, and pigged out almost everything. What I had for dinner are: 

  Baked salmon with some greens and potatoes
  Caesar salad
  Soup of the day
  Bottle of Perrier

  It seems to be like normal dishes everyone will have in the restaurant. Only issue is that, this is in the US.

  The meaning of size here is quite different from what we think in Asia. Each dish usually be served in ‘jumbo’ size. Americans always take out the leftovers from the meal in restaurant, and they finish that in their next meal. As you can imagine that, each dish may actually serve 2 meals. If I finish everything like we do in Asia just for the politeness or cultural reason, I will grow fat soon easily.

  Forget about what they taught you to finish everything in your plate. Just forget about this in America.

  Anyway, I was so hungry, so I finished everything of my dinner. 

  What I had next day for my breakfast was just a cup of coffee.

  Decafe one.

  No sugar and milk of course.

  (註:I recorded this in English, not because I was not able to enter Chinese text here, or for showing off. It was just because I had switched into an English thinking mode …. )


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