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2005-1 月-25 10:03 上午

Memo of My Thought

  Well, I don’t have too much to write down at this moment, although I feel I’m obligated to do so.

  I won’t pay as much attention in this blog as before, since there should be a balance between the virtual world and reality. I have too many things to do in my life. Something I won’t mind others to know, I will leave a note here, if I happen to be in the mood.

  But remember, what you read is only part of me, not all of me. My thought is deep, blue, and unpredictable like the ocean. Only very few know my true self.

  Try to remember another fact, this is not a public place although this blog is in the Internet now. Whoever try to leave something I don’t like here, you will be in big trouble. I’m almighty and the one in this blog. I won’t have any mercy if I need to. That’s my word.

  Godspeed and wish you luck.  


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